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Power Strips: An effective and easy way to relieve pain


Power Strip Before Use

Power Strip Before Use













A PowerStrip™, as shown above, is an ultra thin U.S FDA listed class 1 medical device that is adhesive and can safely be placed on to your skin.

Elemental Germanium is contained in the outer layer of a PowerStrip™. The adhesive (inner) layer consists of a proprietary blend of: Fermented Korean Red Ginseng & marine phytoplankton (Alpha3 CMP™) and adopting a a petroleum-free, water soluble adhesive for safe, continuous daily use. Each PowerStrip™can be used for a period of 24-48 hours.

PowerStrips™ are a patented fusion of modern energy and ancient herbs. Everyone and every part of the body needs energy. PowerStrips™ when worn on a daily basis can help to bring energy to those parts of the body that need it.

PowerStrip™packs come as a full month’s supply. There are 15 PowerStrips™ in a pack and each strip can be used for 2 days. This makes it a 30 day supply. Because the strips can be cut into smaller pieces to suit your condition, the strips can last longer than the 30 days.

To get 3 extra strips, which will be of benefit to you if your condition requires regular application to ensure you get the relief you are looking for, or there is someone else in your family that may require some pain relief, you can get a pack of 18 on an autoship. If this is the option you prefer, please contact us here.

Alternatively, if you want to try just a smaller sample of PowerStrips™ to see whether they will work for you, contact us and request this. You will be required to make a payment through Paypal for this option. If you want to take the option of a split pack please contact us here.

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